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The first time I watched Larry Coryell - I just sat there with my jaw hanging. It instantly cracked open a new world that I didn't even know existed.

And I can't wait to share these giant guitar gems with you. It doesn't matter if you've been playing for 3 months or 30 years -- you're going to learn so much, you won't even believe it. Even 45 year guitar veterans are saying stuff like "Been playing for 45 years and never could figure this out... have tried different ways but this now shows me the way."

Are there magic tricks and special secrets when it comes to playing the guitar? Maybe, but more importantly, you need passion and dedication PLUS: you need a guide. Someone who can show you how you can get to your next level.

Explore the Exciting, Challenging World of Advanced Guitar With a Brand New Bag of Tricks from a Modern Master - Larry Coryell!

If you're looking for some hardcore sophisticated guitar secrets... I'm talking about the kind of deep knowledge that comes from a veteran player... then look no further. Larry Coryell is going to spill the beans and take you WAY beyond your basic guitar theory and into a new world of advanced guitar playing.

Who Is Larry Coryell?

Larry Coryell has recorded in the studio with Jimi Hendrix, shared the stage with legends like Al Di Miola, has recorded over 33 Cds in the studio (that's A LOT of studio time), has been called "the pioneer of jazz-rock" and is considered by many, one of the best guitarists alive today.

However, you want to know what I think the best thing about Larry is? It's his passion and ability to share his tricks, secrets and techniques with dedicated guitarists like you and me. And that's why Larry and I made an incredible deal to hook you up with his amazing 3 DVD guitar secrets package that comes with 105 pages of tabs.

Here's just a few of the secrets you'll learn in Larry Coryell's Advanced Guitar Secrets:

Transform your Playing with DVD 1:
Technique, Scales, and Modal Mastery

How to hold the guitar to make your playing ten times easier. This is a key ingredient to being able to fly all over the neck on stage 4:07

Do you want crippling back pain? Then ignore Larry's advice on posture at your own risk. See 5:48.

You want to know what a guitar pro really does to get his fingers loose, agile, and energized? You cant go wrong by following Larry's daily ritual. 7:05

Are you looking for new, cutting edge patterns, sequences, and variations that will boost your chops to the next level and beyond? (See 9:48)


You'll love the "Coryell corollary" scale exercise that will double your dexterity in days. It's at 11:08.

Want to dramatically improve your speed? Then check out Larry's picking secrets and exercises to perfect your picking and smooth out your problem areas. 14:48


Watch in amazement as your abilities skyrocket with successive picking techniques... correct use of upstrokes and downstrokes... when to use your pinky...and much more - 17:17

Learn Nitty-Gritty Tricks
and Secret Details From a Legend...

Are you ready to tap into new realms on your guitar? This DVD contains tons of exciting ideas for you. For example, how to create fretboard magic with diminished arpeggios - 20:10

How to add accents and syncopation to shake up ordinary scale ideas. This is one of the easiest ways to add spice to your style. 24:11

Looking for a smooth, sophisticated sound? The whole-tone, half-tone scale instantly makes you sound like a master. See how at 26:40

Want to add more exotic sounds to your arsenal? These augmented licks are just what the doctor ordered. 28:40


You'll be shocked and delighted at how you can use Larry's scale fragment strategy to master licks in record time. 29:30

Larry doesn't hold back and he reveals it all... Including more advanced techniques, such as using the whole tone scale. He even breaks down exactly which fingers to use. 30:18


Fly all over the neck with chromatic licks. The key is to use the successive fingering technique that is shown at 34:02.

Gain an Ultra-Deep Understanding
Of Chords and the Entire Fretboard
As you Master Intervals.

You will have such a blast as you discover this deep and powerful guitar wisdom. Here's more:

Unlock the secret code that is hidden within the dorian mode. 39:38

How to get a mystical gypsie sound from your axe. 41:32


Mode magic? Finally learn the secrets of the various modes. These hot nuggets of guitar knowledge will open tons of new possibilities 42:26

Learn which modes correspond to which cords so you can instantly create wicked sounding guitar licks anytime your heart desires. 43:02


What if Larry gave you the power to instantly play anything that comes to your mind on stage? Learn these secrets of advanced improvisation at 46:20

How to combine slides and position shifts to get all around the neck quickly 49:40

You'll Blow Your Mind
(and Everyone Else's in the Room)
With This Majestic Blues Progression.
Best part - Its All Tabbed Out For You.



Easily create slick and chugging chordal passages. The trick is all in the passing chords. See 58:14

How to combine groovy cadences with awesome chord progressions... Plus tons of cool options to dress them up and create wicked variations. 1:01:59


How to lead into chords with your single note lines...this lets you combine rhythm and lead like a master 1:07:22

How to go from pentatonics and bluesy phrases into more sophisticated melodies 1:08:44


Want more mind-blowing tricks? Then Blow your mind all over again with more augmented and diminished ideas. 1:10:52

Every serious guitarist should learn Larry's revolutionary guide-tones concept that lets you find the center of the chord on the middle strings of the guitar. 1:12:36


Discover extraordinary examples of chord comping, combining block chords, walking bass lines, and sweet melodies 1:16:30

And that's just the beginning. Get ready to:

Evolve your Abilities with
DVD 2 : Creating Improvised Lines

How to burst out of a rut and play new fresh ideas with minor/major7 arpeggios. 4:30

Learn step-by-step how to build your own killer leads with the jazz minor (melodic minor) scale. 5:08.

You'll learn tons of advanced tonalities, modalities, altered chords and new ideas. 5:52

You can melt the heart of any woman when you play this sweet jazz tune called "Stella by Starlight". Larry not only shows you this tune (with tabs), but you'll also see how to work in many of the advanced techniques he teaches. 8:48

3 epic universes collide! How the melodic minor scale intersects the diminished and whole tone scales. You'll get the master's viewpoint on how these puzzle pieces fit together. 12:47

Bizarro Guitar Land Decoded.
How to play with Intense Feeling
Even when You're Using These
Advanced Concepts and Structures.

You will also discover:

Crazy chords and substitutions... If you want a deep bag of guitar tricks, this goldmine of a guitar course is definitely for you. 18:49

Watch as Larry navigates chord changes with some of these monster ideas... See how the master does it at 26:41.


What Coryell learned from Wes Montgomery in terms of playing from the heart - 34:54

How to use simple but effective guitar tricks that are totally easy to play and sound great. 38:20


Here's another juicy jem: Horizontal fingerings that give you an amazing "guitaristic" popping sound. This technique will blow your mind and impress your friends. 40:54

Want to create a "big band" sound on your axe? Try Larry's special glissando technique that he shows you at 42:18.

How to change traditional jazzy licks and songs to get more of a blues feel. 51:00

Add some "racing stripes" to your riffs by learning how to create the "bebop" sound. It's all in the phrasing. Check it out at 51:34.

This DVD is such a goldmine. There's another 20 minutes of tools, techniques, and strategies that will help you create amazing improvised lines.

And last but not least:

Learn Rare, Powerful Knowledge in
DVD 3 : Advanced Guitar Secrets

The Coryell artificial harmonic techniques are like nothing else anyone is teaching. 3:32

More absolute guitar magic using additional harmonic tricks and ripple effects. 9:19

How to sweep across chords and activate chiming ringing sounds. 10:42

Want to improve your chops and articulation? These back-picking strategies that will quickly improve your skills. 13:42.

Even the most jaded axe-slinger will dig Larry's chromatic cascades - an impressive jazzy shred technique that creates a beautiful wall of sound. 17:06

How to learn every possible fingering position and picking possibility so you'll have every weapon available during the heat of battle. 25:55

Here's More Sexy Stuff...
Fast Latin Strumming that Will
Breath New Life into your Rhythm Chops

Yes, you will get every butt in the crowd shaking and boogeying. Plus:


More hot rhythm lessons: Head to South America without leaving your house when you start using the "Brazillian" technique of syncopated basslines. 32:53

How to improvise on Giant Steps, one of the all time greatest jazz songs by John Coltrane. 38:53


How to make your guitar truly swing. You won't believe how deep down the rabbit hole Larry will take you with advanced arpeggios, melodies , and sounds. 49:38

Reharmonization secrets that let you twist melodies into radical guitar alchemy. 52:35.

How to "blow" through changes like a virtuoso horn player. 58:03

And honestly, I could write another 10 pages about more of the incredible lessons that will overload your brain with hard-to-find musical wisdom!

I could sing the praises of Larry Coryell all day, but you get the idea.

It's time to take action. Why not give yourself what you want and deserve? Let me hook you up with some of the best guitar knowledge on the planet. It's a no-brainer move!

I've Yet to Meet the Guitar
Enthusiast who Could Resist
Learning these Powerful Secrets
with 105 Pages of Tabs.

It's up to you which, and how many techniques you want to learn from Larry.

Pick your favorites, or practice them all.

I guarantee you'll have an amazing experience learning from this guitar master...

Your chops will go to the next level in record time...


It will be fun, easy, and rewarding because you'll have 105 pages of tabs to follow along with.

You just simply cannot go wrong by deciding to get on board today, because:

You're Protected By
Our Famous 12 Month
Money-Back Gurantee

Guitar Control offers a generous 12 month guarantee on all DVD courses. We're willing to put our neck on the line for you, because we want to make ordering from us a great experience with no risk for you.

If for some strange reason, you're NOT thrilled with your experience in learning these new, advanced guitar secrets, then just send us the DVDs back and we'll give you a prompt refund.

No hassle, no run-around, and no hard feelings.

This an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education, and I've bent over backwards to get you the lowest price possible.

There's no one like Larry. Even if you could study under one of the all time greats of the guitar, imagine how much that would cost:

Even by DVDs standards, these are easily worth $49 a pop...

But you won't pay $150.

Even at a hundred bucks, it's an outstanding value, but you won't pay that either.

We have several LOW PRICE PACAKGES available. Just click to the next page, choose the package of your choice, and I'll rush your order right to your door, anywhere in the world.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this Advanced Guitar Secrets Package that will reward you for a lifetime.

Keep playin,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Here's what other legends , serious guitarists, and music insiders say about Larry Coryell...

Masterstroke of a guitar magician

Larry Coryell and his collegues delighted the enthusiastic audience of more than 300 people. He demonstrated as a magician of the guitar the tecnique, the different styles and variations in a extreme highest perfection especially the Bolero - a masterstroke of breathtaking speed, musical intensity and dexterity - the highlight together with the final number with his wife Tracey.

Jon Solomon

Miles Davis took a liking to Coryell and asked him to stay in Denver, but the young guitarist still had his mind set on New York. "I had to leave," Coryell recalls. "I was determined to go to New York because I felt at the time that even though I could play a little bit, I really didn't think I could play very well at all. I thought about it for a minute, but I knew I had to go to New York, because I knew my knowledge was very limited and my experience was very narrow."

In New York he watched guys like Grant Green, Charles Lloyd and John Coltrane play, which helped open his ears. He eventually started getting national recognition himself when he joined Gary Burton's band in 1967. In the four decades since then, Coryell has recorded with Charles Mingus, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin and other jazz heavyweights. And though he's released sixty or so albums as a leader, he's never done an organ-trio album. In fact, Coryell says he's rarely played with an organist since that stopover in Denver.

Martin Kasdan Jr.

It was apparent from the first notes from the Larry Coryell Trio that they came to PLAY! Guitarist Coryell, with electric bassist Mark Egan and drummer Paul Wertico, tore into the opening "Good Citizen Swallow," (referring to bassist Steve Swallow, Coryell's old bandmate in the Gary Burton Quartet) with a vengeance.

Sam Phillippe

Been playing for 45 years and never could figure this out... have tried different ways but this now shows me the way.


Larry is absolutely one of the greats. This video is crystal clear. Thanks for the demonstration. I'd like to see Larry using it in a live performance. I bet it's awesome.

Jack Massarik, Evening Standard

Still has what it takes: Larry Coryell knows how to play.

One of the few jazz stars who could write his own reviews and possibly sell them, Larry Coryell initially graduated in journalism from Washington State. And after half a century on the bandstand, his expertise as both musician and communicator is substantial. Last night, for instance, he neatly demonstrated how to ad-lib while keeping the band happy.

Morris Carnegie

Larry is truly a master and quite inspiring, i wish I had him next to me each time I practice.

Ed Green

I saw Larry for the 1st time in a long awaited time. Having recently moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, I didn't get to see Larry while growing up/living in Texas and Colorado. As a guitarist, watching Larry is like an encyclopedia of styles, but he always has his own spin on it. He was one of the best performers I've seen in my whole life and that includes 100's of jazz, blues, funk, and rock perfomances. I hope he comes back to Michigan. Standouts were his Monk's renditions (which actually captured the essence of Monk's harmonic senses which is difficult to extrapolate from piano to guitar), and all of his bluesy, latin stuff. Larry seems to always mix complexity with emotion and never is all head, no heart. He's one of my favorite guitarists of all time, and he proved why he's a legend that night. He's also a really friendly guy and will sign your Cd's and doesn't have an arrogant attitude. As a fairly younger guitarist from a different generation, it makes me realize that there is so much to learn. The drummer and bassist were also outstanding and complemented Larry's eclectic style very well.


Incredible! Sat here with my jaw hanging. Every time I see something I'd like to try - there's always ten more items you learn about that keeps learning - an endless trip.

Alan Power

Excellent explantion of natural harmonic simple enough for a novice to understand and open up a great technique. Thanks Claude and thank you Larry.

John Fordham in review Recordings

Larry Coryell's name isn't bandied around much now, but in the 1970s he was almost as big a guitar star as John McLaughlin, and an equivalent influence on the development of early electric jazz-rock fusion. But this is not just another cosy retro exercise. Coryell's crackling uptempo bursts and engagingly rough-hewn energy give this familiar music a vividness and infectious enthusiasm, and the powerful presence of sometime Bill Frisell and Norah Jones sideman Sam Yahel on Hammond organ and former Pat Metheny drummer Paul Wertico adds a lot more of that. The early tracks are mostly classics, but Coryell's original Szabador and Wertico's Full Moon Over Istanbul are memorable and unusual enough to suggest that the group could have scattered its own music a little more confidently through the programme. Coryell's own stealthily bluesy groover Stowaway is full of Wes Montgomery flourishes, and Yahel builds his solos with a compelling deliberation tentatively introducing fresh phrases and then igniting them, segueing flying runs into murmurs, and generally avoiding familiar Hammond organ licks. Wertico's brutal, pummelling drum solo in Coryell's fizzing Szabodar (a tribute to the late Hungarian guitarist Gabor Szabo) would also never have been heard the same way on a 1960s bop set. It's good to hear Coryell on top of his game.


I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Mr. Coryell play twice in the 80's. Man, what an inspiration this guy was then and is, even more so now. He just proves how greatness knows no stylistic boundaries.I will cherish this DVD teaching aid as I am certain there has to be an abundance of valuable techniques and ideas to enhance the ongoing musical growth of any guitarist, or musician, for that matter and I hope to learn a lot from this presentation. His resume reads like a who's who of jazz aficionados, and an opportunity to get inside the technical aspects of this style (s) can only better the journey to become the best one can at furthering their musical endeavours. Thanks Claude for bringing the best to the guitar community to ever enhance our appreciation and growth with the guitar. Much respect and best wishes!

Derek Kappi

I remember seeing Larry Coryell and John McGlaghlin in concert in 1978 and being completely mesmerized by the two unique styles of guitar. Coryell is a virtuoso and makes the complex look so simple (and easy) !

Don H

Larry Coryell is AMAZING. He has described this technique better than anyone I have ever heard. He has a teaching style that is complete, informative, techniqually precise, and easy to understand. I am sure these DVD's will be worth whatever they cost...especially with everything tabbed out. Good work,

Josh Turnbull

Thanks so much for opening up a whole new world of guitar playing for me in under five minutes! I've never before thought of using artificial harmonics in such a way, I think the most advanced way I've used them before was in the sakura variations or Edgar Cruz's arrangement of Bohemiam Rhapsody. Now I think I'm going to be fiddling with this for days.

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